Black Communion

by Black Communion

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Sam Kachuk
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Sam Kachuk Straight ripping from the rip city. If you love Cursed you don't love them as much as this band but you'll dig. Buy it now! Favorite track: Six Fronts // Twilight Gap.
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released January 1, 2016

Recorded at Camp David in October of 2015
Art by @MetalJeff



all rights reserved


Black Communion Portland, Oregon

Jason - Guitar
Gareth - Bass
Phil - Drums
Geoff - Guitar

Portland, Oregon.

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Track Name: Year One
Shard of the Traveler
Black with decay
Cover light in dark
We all sleep in the world's grave
Track Name: The Dark Below // No Land Beyond
Darkness surrounds me.
I can feel the walls seething with rage.
I am running.
We the six.
Running and running.
We the six.

My feet can barely carry me.

Darkness surrounds me.
I can feel the walls seething with rage.
We are waiting.
For the six.
Waiting and waiting.
For the six.

As the lights go out,
We run for our lives.
As the lights burn out,
The Thralls scream at our heels.

The path forward is clear.

Every hit blazes the path to our reclamation.
Track Name: The Spire Is Forming
The Spire is forming.
We hold these confluxes,
And watch the frame come to life.

Every black cloud hides another Praetorian.
Every black cloud hides the void.

We leave behind the Ishtar,
We enter a vault of glass.
Track Name: Six Fronts // Twilight Gap
Wind, like snow and ashes.
White and grey.
The endless haze.
Turns sunlight into shapeless shadow.
The crucible born, in the House of the Devil.

Breathe black smoke.
Come alive.

Fingers creep around your neck,
You pray not to god, but to his death.

The ketches burn across the sky.
Your Kell is gone.
It's time to die.
Track Name: Nothing Manacles // The Last Word
You are diminished.
I am exalted.
You are broken.
I am made strong.

The Book of Sorrow and Understanding renders you weak.

Mark of the Devourer.
Burned by time.
Hear my last words:
"Yours...not mine."